60th Birthday Book

Coffee Table Book

1960 What A Year it Was: 60th Birthday Coffee Table Book

Whatever 1960 means to you, whether it’s your birth year, the year you graduated from high school, or … This big “1960 What A Year It Was” coffee table book will take you back to that eventful time.

Do you remember…

  • The first presidential debates broadcast on television between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon aired.
  • Andy Griffith was a new TV show.
  • The hilarious movie, The Apartment, with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, debuted.
  • U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers was charged with espionage after his plane was downed in the Soviet Union.
  • The Dow Jones reached a new high of 685.
  • The New York Yankees played the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series.
  • Spend some happy hours going back in time to what now seems like an innocent time in the history of America.

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    *** Sorry folks. The 60th Birthday Game you might have been looking for has been “currently unavailable” for over 2 years.

    Update: Sept 2nd, 2020 – There is a “new” 60th Birthday Game available, but beware – it’s the old 2017 game. So don’t order it if you already have it!

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